Thursday, 25 August 2016

National Text Movement

The official formation of 
"National Text Movement"
is held at 
Thrigouthamapuram Sreekrishna Temple

Muttampalam, Kottayam
on 28 Aug 2016 at 7.00 Pm.

Prof. M.K.Narayanan Potty 
will be organizing the team.

All are welcomed to this historical event.

bless India with a national text


  1. namaskaaram,

    A question: Aren't the VEda-s the National Text of India except for the Buddhists and the Jains although some people have proven that almost everything in Buddhism can be derived from the Upanishad-s?

    I believe that the VEdic lore should be handled by the traditional learners and keepers of it, but all the other material -- (I hesitate to call it texts because most of Indian history shows us that Indian texts were actually oral -- committed to memory by dedicated people and transmitted orally) such as the ItihAsa-s, KAvya-s, SAstRa-s, etc.) can be derived from the VEda-s and in fact all the respected teachers have linked their special branches to the
    VEda-s from Vaalmeeki and KALidaasa to the aesthetic philosophers such as Ananda-VaRdhana, the VyAkaraNa philosophers such as BhaRtr^hari, the musical theorists such as SARn*gadEva, etc -- is derived from the VEda-s.

    So, I, in all humility, submit that the national text of India is the VEdic corpus with the caveat that it is not really a text in the sense of the western "scripture" but in the sense of SRuti, which the brilliant, oral-word-centered people in India -- the VEda specialist -- have preserved to a great extent although it is in the danger of becoming extinct. May the Divine forbid that. DKM Kartha

  2. Seen late. only now. Thank you sir. VEda-s have a special GRADE. VEda is visible only to a few, less visible to more and invisible to most of the Indians. Bhagavatam is not special, it is born general. For ALL. Thank you.